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Bruce Allan

Managing Broker

Bruce graduated from the University of London, England with an Bachelor's Degree in Economics and an MBA, specializing in International Finance.  This formed the foundation of analyzing market trends across different industries, ultimately bringing him to real estate working to train and coach Agents to find success with a superior level of customer experience.  The real estate market, like many others, has shifts and adjustments and knowing how to respond in each situation will help to bring success to those transacting real estate.

Bruce is also formally trained in communication techniques that focus on understanding and deploying strategies to find win / win for those involved.  This skill set is used daily in an industry where Agents and customers are communicating often on how best to approach the real estate transaction.  For Agents outside of Coldwell Banker that wish to grow their business, the lessons learned regarding how best to approach each situation could be all that is required to cause their business to thrive.  

Networking is another important coaching point that Bruce provides his agents.  We live in a business world where connections occur daily.  Each one provides the opportunity to build a rapport that could last many years, if it is approached correctly.

As a non-competing manager, Bruce devotes his time to ensuring the success of every Agent. He is committed to helping each one develop a business plan and enjoys meeting with them to review and reassess their goals. His top priority is helping our Agents to achieve their dreams and improve their quality of life. The support of Bruce and the office staff helps them free up their time to either seek new business or devote more time to their personal endeavors.

As the Managing Broker of our Wellington office, it is Bruce's goal to ensure Agents enjoy a truly remarkable Coldwell Banker experience.   If you’re interested in a career in real estate, please reach out to Bruce at (407) 405-6666.




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